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We could not bear the idea that the 22nd annual Hanami would not take place at all. An idea that thousands of students, academics and Prague citizens would not see the blossom of the sakuras that momentarily allow us to enjoy the naive, childlike joy from the pink natural beauty. Even more in this time of quarantine, when every bit of a calm smile helps.

Stay home! Hanami is online. They will bloom for a week, you can stop by and see them by yourself some other day.

If you really need to go through the Technická street, please stay on the side walk and do not cross the middle part with grass and sakuras. Follow the current restrictions, thank you.


20 Minutes

Art-pop project balancing on the edge of pop, soul, country and hip-hop.


Saxophone quartet formed by four girls from Prague.

Eliška Sýkorová

Poetic songwriter with a piano and an accordion.

Talk with Adam Taborský

Shinrin-yoku is a japanese nature therapy...

We will talk about the benefits of a stay in nature on your mental health. Join us and let's take a walk in the forests together.

Karel Ďásek and Jan Foltýn

This guitare duo knows that you can't sing properly in a face-mask...

Doesn't matter - they are gonna use their instruments even more. You can enjoy variety of styles, including fingerstyle or tapping, while listening to them.

DJ Zey


Trevor Linde


DJ Casablanca

Rap, Trap, Grime, Dub & beyond.

^|^ urbangarden ^|^

Techno, poetry, minimal, tribe, trap, ambient...

What is the point of your life?
Cyber Neon is Your new Ideal
desire goes blinded
...but keep steady...
...keep patient...
its just a desolation